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Eatontown, NJ


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Window Cleaning


Mullion Cleaning & Coating


The Sheraton Eatontown Hotel, a Starwood Hotels property built in the early 1990’s, underwent a complete upgrade during 2009. The hotel had not maintained its window mullions prior to Starwood purchasing the property, so substantial fading and corroding was quite noticeable.

The constant influx of hotel guests presented Valcourt with many unique challenges while completing the work with regards to not interfering with their pleasurable stay. With other contractors on site who were also performing large- scale work, Valcourt needed to carefully schedule time with Sheraton’s engineering department in order to effectively and safely complete work in shared access areas.


Valcourt first provided Sheraton property management with a sample mullion cleaning to demonstrate the effectiveness of its product and process. Subsequently, Valcourt was given approval to clean and coat all of the Sheraton’s window mullions, measuring 10,000 linear feet, as well as wash all six stories of exterior and interior windows.

By carefully coordinating with Sheraton’s engineering and operations management staff during the hotel’s upgrade, Valcourt was able to complete each area of its site work, even in shared access areas, in a safe and timely manner. Valcourt management effectively communicated the crew’s schedule on a daily basis to ensure that no guest or staff member was inconvenienced while work was being performed.

After being treated with a proper cleaning and coating, the Sheraton’s mullions’ original luster and color were retained, greatly enhancing the overall appearance of the hotel property – and greatly extending the life span of the mullions.

Sheraton Hotel — Eatontown, NJ

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