Expertise in the complete building envelope. Waterproofing that extends your property’s value. Window cleaning that protects your investment. Restoration that revitalizes your building. We service it all, from the historical to the unique. Building specialists in high-rise access.

The Premier Provider for Waterproofing, Window Cleaning & Restoration Services

For over 30 years, Valcourt Building Services has been providing superior solutions for the complete building envelope. With offices all across the East Coast, we protect and maintain commercial properties from New Jersey to Florida, including: Washington DC, Baltimore, Richmond, Philadelphia, Jersey City, Newark, Atlanta, Sarasota, Orlando and more.

As one of the nation’s leading exterior maintenance providers, we specialize in the full scope of services — from facade maintenance and pressure washing to glass restoration and leak investigation, window cleaning and metal cleaning to concrete repair, sealants and caulking.

Most importantly, we pride ourselves on being a trusted partner for all of your exterior maintenance needs. With an emphasis on effective communication, thorough planning and industry expertise, we ensure an efficient service no matter what you and your property need.


In The News

Coordinating major structural repair of two resident-occupied buildings

News of how TWO buildings received major facelifts while keeping everyONE in their “place”. What does a hall of fame college basketball coach have to do with the playbook for aREAD MORE

Structural Support: Scott Parello Employee Profile

Our team is built around you. “I love restoring old masonry buildings because it preserves the past and keeps things previous generations were tied to alive.” — Scott Parello, Director ofREAD MORE

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ProXpress solves your immediate repair needs

Even with preventative maintenance, buildings will always require unexpected repairs. Fortunately, there's ProXpress — Valcourt's rapid repair service. As a fully staffed department dedicated exclusively to minor building repairs, we quickly respond to service requests and fix your building fast.

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SafeSite mitigates your exposure to risk

You may not know all of the liabilities lurking behind your window cleaning and maintenance projects. But with Valcourt's SafeSite Advantage™, you get the industry’s most comprehensive risk-management program that protects your assets and maximizes your insulation from liability.

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Rejuvenating properties with facade restoration

30 Montgomery St. — As part of a $20-million project to update a commercial office building in Jersey City, NJ, Valcourt upgraded the facade with an elastomeric coating. This helped re-introduce the property to the marketplace with a newer, more contemporary look.

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