The expertise to service every industry, structure and building function.

No two buildings are exactly the same. Not only are there differences in the structure and building materials, properties also have a variety of different functions. From commercial real estate to parking structures, apartments and condominiums to retail properties, each industry requires a unique set of processes and procedures to perform exterior building maintenance. That’s why our decades of experience and depth of resources are a great value to you. We’ve performed thousands of exterior maintenance and restoration projects in nearly every industry. And we specialize in servicing the complete building envelope. So no matter the structure, materials or function of your property, we have expertise in all of your exterior needs.

Apartments & Condominiums
When performing services on an apartment or condominium, providers must maximize efficiency to minimize the impact on residents. At Valcourt, we meticulously plan out every project and provide you with a detailed schedule and communication plan that outlines the work to be performed. We also have regularly scheduled meetings with you throughout the entire process in order to keep you informed of our progress. The result: you always know where we are and when we’ll be there — which mitigates any disruptions caused by our service. Plus, we work with you to make the necessary accommodations to avoid any resident-related issues.
Commercial Real Estate
In the business world, time is money. So when commercial real estate properties require exterior maintenance, the impact on building tenants must be mitigated. That’s why our expertise in commercial window cleaning, waterproofing and restoration services is so important. With over 30 years of experience, we know the most efficient ways to service all your exterior maintenance needs while also limiting any tenant-related issues. For window cleaning services, we’ll provide you with in-depth documentation about our schedule, so you can forward this information along to tenants. For waterproofing and restoration projects, we’ll help you plan and conduct regular meetings with tenants to answer any questions and clear up any concerns. Either way, you and your tenants are always informed — which helps the entire building continue conducting business as usual.
As the owner of your facility, you have a lot more responsibilities than a typical property manager. Fortunately, Valcourt is here to help make your life easier. As your trusted exterior maintenance provider, we’re always looking for ways to extend the lifetime of your facility. With expertise in the full scope of waterproofing, window cleaning and restoration services, we have expertise in the complete building envelope — so no matter what you and your facility needs, we’re able to provide high-quality solutions that help you maintain the value of your investment and increase your equity in the property.
Every building requires exterior maintenance to continue functioning successfully. When it comes to servicing the healthcare industry, all work must be handled delicately. Doctors and nurses are responsible for the lives of their patients, so they cannot afford to be disturbed. That is why we put an added emphasis on effective communication. We work with the facilities team to ensure our work enhances the building’s functionality and causes minimal disruption as possible — so doctors and nurses can continue treating their patients in a safe and well-maintained environment.
The first thing any guest notices about a hotel or resort property is its appearance. Oftentimes, guests’ first impressions set the tone for a positive stay. That’s why it’s so important to keep your building looking its best with Valcourt Building Services. We’ve completed thousands of commercial facade restorations from New Jersey to Florida, so we have extensive experience in servicing nearly any type of facade — including brick, precast, EIFS, stucco and more. With expertise in performing the full scope of services, we’re able to not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property, we also ensure that your property is a safe environment for all of your guests and employees.
Industrial Parks
Industrial parks need to maintain efficiency to be successful. With Valcourt as your trusted waterproofing, window cleaning and restoration provider, we always work around you and your property’s unique needs. We will map out each service and go over it with you, along with providing thorough documentation, so you’re always aware of where we are and what we’re servicing. This way, your industrial park can continue maintaining a high level of efficiency.
Parking Structures
Parking structures are constantly exposed to potentially damaging contaminants. Grease, oil stains, de-icing salts and other residues can accumulate throughout the year — which can rapidly lead to the corrosion of reinforcing steel and severe concrete deterioration. At Valcourt, we have decades of experience in repairing these damages. We put an emphasis on effective communication, so our work causes minimal disruption to your parking guests. And we apply protective coatings to help you maintain, restore and protect garage decks and supporting structural elements. So whether you have a small single-level garage or large, multi-level complex, we know how to serve parking structures on every level.
Retail Property
Building exterior providers must be highly aware of pedestrians when servicing a retail property. Entrances and exits to certain areas can bottleneck with heavy amounts of foot traffic, so they must be kept clear of any equipment in order to maintain a safety and mobility in these areas. Debris and materials also must be thoroughly secured when performing work at elevated levels above pedestrian traffic. With over 30 years of expertise in high-rise access, we can set up rigging systems and equipment at elevation that don’t impede pedestrian traffic or put your shoppers’ safety at risk.
There are few properties that have more foot traffic than college campuses and universities. While it’s important that any exterior maintenance services do not impede walkways for students and faculty, it’s also important for university buildings to look good and function safely. At Valcourt, we have performed dozens of window cleaning, waterproofing and restoration services at universities across the East Coast. We have the expertise and experience to provide solutions for the complete building envelope — which keeps campus life functioning at a high level with minimal disruption.