Building value with building exterior services.

Commercial properties require a broad range of services to keep them looking good and functioning successfully. From facade maintenance and pressure washing, to glass restoration and leak investigation, there are many different skill sets and resources required.

At Valcourt, we specialize in servicing the complete building envelope. With offices from New Jersey to Florida, we are the premier waterproofing, window cleaning and restoration provider across the East Coast. So whether you’re located in Jersey City, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Richmond, Baltimore, Atlanta, Tampa or somewhere in between, we are the single source solution for all of your exterior maintenance needs.

Facade Repair & Maintenance
Facades have a major impact on your building’s aesthetics. If your facade is well maintained, it can create a positive first-impression of the entire property. Facades that are improperly maintained not only look unsightly, they place the structural integrity of your building at risk. For over 30 years, we’ve helped thousands of customers maintain their assets with facade cleanings and repairs. Our team is highly specialized in servicing virtually every type of facade: brick, concrete, synthetic stucco, EIFS and more. And we help our customers stay ahead of their repairs with a facade conditions report. This includes an annual building survey, followed by a detailed report that identifies any issues on your building that will need to be repaired.  At Valcourt, we prevent minor issues from turning into major water infiltration problems — and that helps you extend the value of your investment.

What’s Covered…

• Sealants/Caulking
• Glazing
• Concrete/Stone/Terra Cotta Repair
• Elastomeric, Acrylic and other Coatings
• Repointing, Through Wall Flashing and Brick Replacement
• Balcony Concrete Repairs
• Balcony Deck Coatings
• EIFS Repair/Replacement
• Stucco Repair/Replacement
• Facade Cleaning/Pressure Washing
• Facade Condition Assessments

Window Cleaning
While freshly washed windows make your building look great, window-cleaning services are necessary for more than just cosmetics. Over time, dirt and grime will build up on your glass. If it’s not removed on a regular basis, the residue will stain and damage your windows. Then, they need to be restored or even replaced — which is much more expensive than standard window cleanings. At Valcourt, we develop custom window-cleaning programs that address you and your building’s unique needs. And each service is backed by the industry’s most comprehensive approach to risk management, SafeSite Advantage. That’s how we protect your liability and maintain the value of your investment better than any other provider.
Leak Investigation & Repair
Water infiltration can cause your building to prematurely deteriorate, which can greatly depreciate the value of your investment. While it’s important to quickly address any leaks, it’s equally as important to understand and identify the source of the issue. At Valcourt, our team has decades of experience in leak investigation and repair. We work quickly and efficiently to diagnose and fix any intrusions, before your building suffers extensive water damages. And we provide thorough documentation and pictures of all leaks and repairs, so you’re always informed on your waterproofing conditions.

What’s Covered…

• Temporary Sealant/Caulking
• Water Testing
• Photo Documentation

Pressure Washing
While pressure washing may appear like it’s just “point and shoot,” it can potentially damage your property if not performed properly. At Valcourt, we know about all the different types of surfaces around your property, such as brick, precast, EIFS, stucco and other materials. And we know the different techniques, nozzles and angles to clean each one without causing any damage. Unlike most providers, we specialize in accessing high-rise locations — so we have a valuable skillset for elevated pressure washing. And we always use environmentally friendly chemicals to avoid killing any plants below. While most providers only offer cold-water pressure washing, we offer both cold and hot water pressure washing. So no matter what surface, situation or location needs to be cleaned, we have expertise in all your commercial pressure washing needs.
Parking Garage Repair & Maintenance
Parking structures are constantly exposed to potentially damaging contaminants. Grease, oil stains, de-icing salts and other residues can accumulate throughout the year — which can rapidly lead to the corrosion of reinforcing steel and severe concrete deterioration. At Valcourt, we have decades of experience in repairing these damages. We put an emphasis on effective communication, so our work causes minimal disruption to your parking guests. And we apply protective coatings to help you maintain, restore and protect garage decks and supporting structural elements. So whether you have a small single-level garage or large, multi-level complex, we know how to serve parking structures on every level.

What’s Covered…

• Concrete Repair
• Rout and Seal of Cracks
• Expansion Joints
• Sealants/Caulking
• Water Repellents/Sealers
• Traffic Bearing Coatings
• Urethane/Epoxy Injection

Glass Restoration
Your building’s windows are a reflection of you, so it’s important to always keep them looking their best. Unfortunately, things like acid rain, metal oxidation from sprinklers, ultraviolet light and precast runoff may leave damaging residue on your glass that cannot be removed with standard window-washing techniques. If left untreated, the windows may need to be replaced. Some providers elect to use an acid to restore glass, which can potentially damage the windows and other areas of your building. But at Valcourt, we’ve spent over 30 years developing proprietary methods that don’t carry the same risks as using an acid. Prior to beginning the project, we will test several windows located all around your building’s facade while using different proprietary methods. That’s how we ensure that your windows are safely returned to like-new quality.
Plaza Deck Repair & Maintenance
A plaza deck is a concrete slab that often functions as both a floor and a roof. This makes it subject to some of the harshest conditions of any system within the building envelope. Weather, moisture, thermal effects and pedestrian/automobile traffic can lead to rapid deterioration. In addition, plaza decks are typically installed over occupied space or areas intolerable to water infiltration — so proper waterproofing and drainage is critical to any plaza deck system. At Valcourt, we know what it takes to keep your building functioning successfully. We have decades of experience in performing plaza deck repairs and maintenance. With a properly prepared surface, and the right waterproofing and drainage system, we can manage the water on your plaza deck and prevent damage to the concrete or space below caused by water infiltration.

What’s Covered…

• Concrete Repair
• Paver install and re-leveling
• Sealants/Caulking
• Expansion Joints
• Horizontal Waterproofing
• Planter Waterproofing

Metal Cleaning
Mother Nature never takes a day off. Your building is constantly exposed to the elements, including sunlight, rain and pollutants. These can cause staining and the color on your metal to fade. Rain that runs off dirty mullions can also stain your windows — so the costs of repairs can quickly add up. If left untreated, mullions can become pitted and severely damaged. That’s why it’s so important to have your metal cleaned regularly. We perform metal maintenance along with your annual window-cleaning services to remove dirt and prevent contaminants from building up on your metal. We know what products to use to clean metal safely, bring luster back to the finish and even provide a protective coating. That’s how Valcourt helps you keep maintenance up and costs down.
Bird Proofing
If your building isn’t properly bird proofed, the damages can be sky-high. Birds like sparrows, starlings, pigeons and crows cause damage that require repairs and cleanup — which can incur significant costs each year. When birds perch on your roof, their excrement can even get into your ventilation systems, which is a health hazard for building tenants, residents and occupants. At Valcourt, we know that no two buildings are exactly the same. That’s why we offer a wide variety of bird deterrent systems, including spikes, netting, wires and flex shock tracks. We will evaluate your property’s unique needs and determine the right combination of bird deterrent systems to help you solve all of your bird-control problems.