Fall-Protection Solutions at the Highest Level

When it comes to accessing building facades and utilizing rope-descent systems, safety starts at the top. At Valcourt Safety Systems, our mission is to ensure that each building is equipped with facade access and fall-protection systems that achieve compliance with regulations for building owners, as well as maximum safety and operational functionality for hired contractors. Ensuring effective and compliant rooftop safety systems requires a specialized approach, as each building has its own unique features. Therefore, a customized approach should be determined to comply with the regulations and standards, and achieve maximum effectiveness. Whether that means installing new anchorages, guardrails, travel-restraint systems, or repairing existing systems to extend the value of your investment, we provide turn-key solutions for each property’s exact specifications and requirements. And all our projects are backed with the resources and expertise of Valcourt Building Services.


“The singular most important key to providing a safe place to work free from hazards, is prevention by design. I believe each building where rope systems are used for facade access, needs a rooftop anchor system designed by an individual that completely understands the window cleaning and building maintenance industries along with the processes by which these services are performed.”
— Stefan Bright, Safety Systems GM

The Full Scope of Fall-Protection Systems


We invest the time and take the responsibility to investigate the structure of your building and propose a roof-anchor design and layout that meets the burden of all regulations and standards under the direct supervision of a licensed 3rd Party Professional Engineer and support of our in-house facade access specialists.


Using only the most highly trained technicians, our teams will follow a client-focused project-management process that is designed to make your life easier while we deliver solutions for your property.


Working with our SafeSite Advantage department, we coordinate and facilitate all post installation testing, certification, and inspections of your new systems as required by OSHA and industry standards by using a highly qualified licensed 3rd party Professional Engineer.

Roof Anchor
Travel Restraint Systems
Warning Lines
Existing Anchor Repair

In The News

Valcourt forms leadership committee to interpret OSHA’s new safety laws

Wilmington, DE — In response to the new OSHA laws on Walking-Working Surfaces and Personal Protective Equipment, Valcourt has established a dedicated leadership committee that will interpret the 500+ pages of revised regulations and supporting documentation in order to educate and support their customers and workers. “The new laws will significantly impact the window-cleaning industry, as well as other service industries,” explained President/CEO Jeff Valcourt. “OSHA will also strictly enforce these changes, so we want to assure our customers that we are taking this issue very seriously. Our team has been reviewing the documentation and are developing a comprehensive plan to support our customers in the coming months.” With over 100 years of combined experience, Valcourt’s dedicated leadership committee is comprised of some of the industry’s foremost experts in safety and compliance, including Jeff Valcourt, COO Jon Capon, Divisional VP Jason Robertson, General Manager Josh Wing, and SafeSite Managers Chris Duffy and Jose Turcios. Members of the leadership committee have also served on the A39, A-120, A-41 and I-14 standards writing committees. “As one of the nation’s premier service providers, we have a depth of resources dedicated to many highly specialized areas,” stated Jon Capon. “Three years ago, our own Jason Robertson created the industry’s most comprehensive risk-management department, SafeSite Advantage. The department is dedicated to providing our customers with safety and compliance support. It will be a highly valuable asset in assisting our customers and workers during this transition — however, it is clear that even more resources will be necessary to properly provide support with these changes.” While the 500+ pages of information, rationale and revised code will require some time to thoroughly review, Valcourt is confident that the committee will gain a deep understanding of the new laws and its implications to both building owners and service providers. With dedicated resources and extensive experience, Valcourt is uniquely positioned to assist property managers and building owners, and determine the specific solutions that meet the requirements. “We’re committed to making our clients’ lives easier,” says Capon. “For over 30 years, we have prided ourselves at being at the forefront of safe and compliant practices. And this time will be no exception.” About Valcourt Building Services Valcourt Building Services serves the East Coast of the United States, with ten offices from Northern New Jersey to Florida. Founded in 1986 in Arlington, Virginia, Valcourt’s Window Cleaning division is now the largest window-cleaner in the country. Valcourt’s Waterproofing and Restoration division provides comprehensive exterior maintenance solutions. Contact: Jason Robertson 703-243-8300

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"Having a thorough understanding of window cleaning equipment and rigging requirements, are critical components to creating safe systems and compliant work plans. This is just one reason why Valcourt Safety Systems is the most qualified partner and premiere provider in the market today."
Josh Wing, Manager, Fall Protection Systems